45 days old “Basmallah” Mohamed Rabi'” died yesterday in the Fayoum general hospital because of H5N1, the baby girl could not be rescued especially that she was admitted to the hospital 24 hours before her death. The poor baby had a very weak immunity system compared to the virus. It could not resist it  

Already I wonder how the he## this little baby contacted infect poultry !!! Did her mother carry her around the house or what ??

May God give strength to her parents and family.

Basmallah was No. 61 I believe among the human infection case and No.24 in the death toll in Egypt.

I hope Basmallah would be the last fatal case in Egypt.

There are several suspicion cases across the country announced from this week but without confirmation of their infection and this is why I do not publish any news.

New hot spots are discovered mainly in Delta on a regular basis now.