The expected global flu pandemic may be a step closer to mankind: 30 countries from all WHO regions reported oseltamivir resistance for 1291 of 1362 A(H1N1) viruses analysed, as PROMED is writing in the daily alert for virologists: “The prevalence of oseltamivir resistance was very high in the following countries/territory: Canada (52 of 52 tested), Hong Kong SAR (72 of 80), Japan (420 of 422), the Republic of Korea (268 of 269), and the USA (237 of 241). The resistance prevalence was relatively low in China (6 of 44 tested).

  In Europe, H1N1 circulation was low during this period while the resistance prevalence was high: France (12 of 12 tested), Germany (66 of 67), Ireland (9 of 10), Italy (16 of 16), Sweden (11 of 12) and the United Kingdom (61 of 62). Such news are bad because pandemic avian influenza could be on its way to conquer the world – and a mixture between avian and human strains