March 22, 2009

Jakarta: Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari has asked health and university institutions to stand on their own and not accept original research funds from other countries. The reason is so that leakage does not occur of health assets owned by the Indonesian people, for example virus samples. She considers that cooperation for this with foreign parties is not fair. In addition, the virus sent to other countries is feared as biological weapons.

“The health faculty is the strategic entrance for cooperation with foreign countries. Keep signs that clearly work to manage it together,” she said.

MOH rules are being revised at this time. All of the research work carried out must be reported to the MOH. Moreover, Menkes said, other countries at this time are industriously researching bird flu. Moreover, cooperation is labeled assistance. Menkes said, there are three kinds of assistance that should be watched. Namely, treatment and research, children’s vaccines, and biological weapons. Therefore, Menkes will gather the leaders of universities, hospitals, and health institutions throughout the country.

The Head of National Balitbang MOH, Agus Purwadianto, added that the meeting aims to ensure that health research is not conducted alone.

“We make the appeal so that we will not walk alone. But it is the Minister who will provide assistance,” he said.

According to him, barring cooperation with foreign parties will maintain the dignity of the nation. The late-running candidate in the review by MOH.

“We discussed all the researchers. We will be alert. If it is a scheme of cooperation with other departments, it will be sanctioned,” he said.