The Alabama Department of Public Health’s Center for Emergency Preparedness Pandemic
Influenza program has purchased supplies to encourage organizations to learn about and plan
for a pandemic influenza event. An influenza pandemic is a global disease outbreak from a new
influenza virus not seen in humans before.

State Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson said, “Preparing our state for the possibility of a
global influenza pandemic is a huge responsibility, and it is one which depends on cooperation
of everyone involved to be successful.”

Organizations such as churches, banks, grocery stores or gas stations that write a Continuity of
Operations Plan and receive pandemic preparedness education from Public Health are eligible
to receive free supplies
. The plan must include the specific names, resources, supplies and
descriptions of how the organization will continue to operate during a pandemic.

Organizations that already have a plan in place may need to add a few specific elements to
ensure it covers a pandemic. A pandemic plan is different from other emergency plans in
several ways. For example, all organizations may have up to 40 percent absenteeism, which will
affect all counties and sectors at about the same time, and there may be economic and social

There are two free supply programs available. Free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
supplies include items such as masks, gloves, sterilizing products and face shields. The free
Comfort Care Center (CCC) supply includes fever/pain reducer medications, electrolyte drink,

antidiarrheal medication, inflatable mattresses, disposable pillows and blankets