Bird Flu Suspect R, 2 to 3 years, in Suroto Ngawi General Hospital

March 17, 2009, hat-tip mojo
Ngawi:  A child with the initial R, 2 to 3 years old, a citizen of Sidokerto Village, District Karangjati, Ngawi District, was taken to the Suroto Ngawi Regional General Hospital as a bird flu virus suspect patient, on Tuesday (17/3).  Prior to being taken to the hospital, R was brought to Karangjati Health Center by his parents, on Tuesday morning.  Because the child R had a known history of contact with dead birds infected with avian influenza virus (bird flu) in Sidokerto, the Health Center decided that R should be referred to the hospital.  R arrived at the Hospital at around 12:30.  He was checked into the Suroto Hospital’s emergency unit and then taken to a room in the children’s unit.  In the room, there are no other patients than R.

Slamet, the father of R said that one Sunday ago there were more than 30 chickens living in close proximity to many places where there were dead chickens.  After the Ngawi Zoological District officers checked, they found chickens that died from avian influenza virus.  Then three days ago, said Slamet, R had a fever, coughing, and occasional shortness windedness.  At that time, he thought that his son was sick because of influenza. However, because he does not recover, Slamet started to worry.  They took their child to the health center.  Because R had a history of contact with dead poultry, the health clinic sent him to the hospital, said Sarjono, a Health Center officer who accompanied R.

At the hospital, the health doctor who checked R, Dr Harun Al Rasyid, said that because R had the history of contact with birds that had died because of bird flu, plus experiencing fever and shortness of breath, this made R a bird flu virus suspect.

“But to make sure that the bird flu virus is correct or not, we are still awaiting results of R’s blood tests from the Ngawi Health Laboratory.  In addition, we will also take x-rays of R’s lungs,” said Harun.  Test results will be known in a few days to come.

If later R is found postive for bird flu disease, the hospital will refer him to RSU Dr Sudono, Madiun. RSU Dr Sudono is one of the hospitals for bird flu patient referrals in East Java.  R is the second bird flu suspect patient in RSU Dr Suroto for the year 2009.  The first bird flu suspect patient was BW (12), a citizen of Tambakboyo Village, District Mantingan, Ngawi.  In mid-February he was treated in RSU Dr Suroto.  However, after being checked, BW was declared negative for bird flu.