March 12, 2009, hat-tip bgw in Mt
The vigilance of one illness as compared with other illnesses at this stage might be different.  Because the level of the danger of one illness in comparison with other illnesses is against the body, the level of this is also different.  Then how is the vigilance towards bird flu?  Sholihin Hasan, Rembang, discussed that  bird flu again became warmer in the Rembang Regency when having hundreds of chickens died in the area during the previous month.  At that time there were approximately 48 chickens that died in RT 03/RW IV, the Plawangan Village, the Kragan Subdistrict.  The following week there were approximately 73 chickens that also died in RT 01, RW III, Village Weton, Subdistrict City.  From these chickens that died, as was the case in Plawangan, this included five tails that were stated positive bird flu.  The conclusion was based on rapid tests that were carried out by the Local Agriculture and Livestock Breeding.  Afterwards the samples that were indicated as affected by bird flu were sent to the laboratory in Jogjakarta.  Results will be known two weeks afterwards.

Sekda Rembang, H Hamzah Fatoni MKn, said that there was a basis for bird flu, there were five levels of this illness.  Level one is when this plague happens in one village and does not spread to the other villages.   Afterwards this plague can be handled by the local village community.  For level one-two, if the plague happens in one village or more, this is not handled by the local community and requires assistance from the subdistrict.  Level one-three is when the plague happens in one village or more and cannot be handled in the subdistrict, but still could be handled by regency resources.
Further, the level of two is when the plague cannot be handled by regency resources but still could be handled by the province.  And, the level three is when the plague happens in the Rembang Regency that has an impact on the surrounding regencies or is stated as a national disaster.
In the case in Rembang, the deaths of the chicken happened sporadicly and only happened in two villages in two subdistricts. vThis bird flu could be still being handled by the local communities with help by service officials.  So this level is still one by one.
“Although the level is one by one, government services and the community continue to be on the alert,” he said. 
To anticipate that this illness does not spread, spraying was carried in several pens belonging to the people and the surrounding environment.  Afterwards chickens were penned to reduce the spreading of the illness for 21 days or until they were stated free from bird flu. The chicken that were indicated with bird flu were destroyed or burnt. Periodic monitoring was carried out in places that indicated bird flu.
Moreover they also prepared the Health Command Post in the community health centre for 24 hours.  Residents who had signs of influenza were monitored, especially those who had contact with sick or dead poultry.  Observation will be carried out at least for two weeks. The village halls in Plawangan and Weton were designated as the function area for the Bird Flu Control Command Post. 
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