Agnes Winarti , The Jakarta Post , JAKARTA
Fri, 03/06/2009 10:54 AM

Chicken vendors raised objections Thursday about the administration’s plan to relocate all slaughterhouses by April next year to locations far from the city center.

The measure was adopted to stop the spread of bird flu in the capital.

Mahmung, 58, a chicken vendor since 1975 at the Palmerah traditional market in West Jakarta, called the relocation plan “ridiculous”.

“I sell my chickens here, but now I have to butcher them someplace as far away as Cakung in East Jakarta?” he told The Jakarta Post.

“I would lose customers if I sold dead chickens. All my customers want to see their chickens butchered right in front of them because they don’t want to buy expired chickens.”

He added he sold and slaughtered about 20 chickens a day.

The city’s husbandry, fishery and maritime agency is looking to have no more live poultry transported around Jakarta by April next year.


Over the past three years, Supardjo has been a regular shopper at the wholesale chicken market in Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

“I breathe the smelly air of chicken faeces and feathers every day, yet I’ve never been sick. I just don’t get all this fuss about bird flu,” he said.


The husbandry agency’s Edy said major slaughterhouses in Srengseng, West Jakarta, and Pulogadung would not to be relocated because “we regard them as having good sanitation systems”.

The agency says some 1,342,000 poultry are kept inside and around residential areas. It also recorded some 1,200 illegal poultry slaughterhouses, 250 chicken shelters and 229 duck farms.

Edy also said the agency had not set a priority for which slaughterhouses to relocate first.

“First come, first served,” he said.

Chicken traders registering to move to the new sites must have their poultry checked by the agency at a cost of Rp 25 per chicken.