Two Bernard Matthews turkey farms struck by bird flu have had restrictions put on them by Defra lifted.

Birds on small breeder farms at Yaxham near Dereham and Ubbestone near Halesworth in Suffolk had been found to have a strain of bird flu called H6N1 and movement restrictions had been placed on the sites.

Yesterday, Defra officials completed tests on the flu and have lifted those restrictions after finding the strain was not of high risk.

A spokesman for Barnard Matthews said: “Testing has confirmed the type of Avian Influenza as H6N1 and that it is low pathogen, posing very low risk to both human and animal health.

“This is a virus type that has been isolated in both wild birds and commercial poultry flocks in Europe over the last few years.

“Consequently, Defra have removed all movement restrictions from the two breeder farms and they continue to run as normal, in line with Bernard Matthews other operations.”