Meningggal pre-schoolers because of Burung Flu
By editorial staff of 04/03/2009 @ 22:08

Jakarta, on Thursday – Isnadia Rahmadiyati (3), the only child Tri Santosa (27), died because of bird flu in his house in the Peaceful Way III the PDK RT Complex 11 RW 2, the District Petukangan South, Pesanggrahan, Southern Jakarta. When being met in his house, on Wednesday night (4/3), the wife Tri was still heaving. The woman from Lampung did not want to be asked to speak and introduce his name. “Sorry” Sir”, I was still heaving,” he said soft.

He more liked to daydream in front of television in the small size house that double as as the stall kelontong across the grave. Tri confirmed, his child died because of bird flu on February 2 2009, but just was expressed by the press yesterday. When his fever was high, his mother carried him to the midwife. The previous midwife reconciled him to the Aminah Hospital. From there Isnadia was carried to RS Persahabatan, Jakarta Timur. “There only remained one hour,” said Tri flat. “If the Lord wanted, I could only submit,” said the man from Purworejo, Central Java, that.

Dangerously flu burung The head of the Ethnic Group of Dinas Peternakan South Jakarta Chaidir Taufik yesterday acknowledged, the Pesanggrahan Subdistrict the case danger of bird flu. From 11 cases of bird flu since 2005 to 2009 in South Jakarta, five among them happened in Pesanggarahan. “This region in his outskirts territory became serious bird flu because of some of his communities maintained the poultry,” he said in the gap of the poultry of the extermination agenda by Sudin Peternakan in the Hut of Baru Ii RT 02 RW 06, Pesanggrahan, on Wednesday. Several residents around the place acknowledged the number of poultries that was maintained. Rasmadi (55), the official of the local cleanliness, claimed, in the land eks garbage disposal, since 2007 he maintained 44 goats. Several of his colleagues who were other also maintained the goat. “The total of them could reach 300 tails,” he said.

In 2008 all the goats died because the coldness during the flood flooded the pen. Currently in the place still was maintained by more than 100 chickens and 100 tails entok. “Sudin Peternakan gave our time five days to cleanse this region of the poultry and the other livestock,” said Rasmadi. The day of Sudin Peternakan only cut off nine chickens. “Given by us the opportunity a week to the resident to move their poultry from this place,” he said. About Isnadia, Chaidir admitted, his side just knew this case on February 13. “Not we cover up, but because of the family that did not want the publication,” he said.

Tri, casualties’s father, learned his child was attacked by bird flu since from RS Aminah. According to Chaidir, the case of the Isnadia death because of bird flu became the first case in this year in South Jakarta. “Last year had two children died,” he said. He added, from the Isnadia case to yesterday, his side destroyed 170 tails of the poultry and menyertifikasi 150 poultries from his 60 owners. “Some poultries that disetifikasi was chirping birds,” said Chaidir. / (C. Windoro AT)