First, via Reuters: Two-year-old Egyptian boy has bird flu. But the headline and the story aren’t consistent. Excerpt:

A two-year-old Egyptian boy has contracted bird flu but is in a stable condition, the state-run news agency quoted the Health Ministry as saying on Wednesday. 

The Middle East News Agency (MENA) quoted ministry spokesman Abdelrahman Shahine as saying Abdullah Nagy Amran, from Alexandria province in northern Egypt, showed symptoms on Wednesday after coming into contact with dead birds. 

He was given the antiviral drug Tamiflu at an Alexandria hospital, MENA said. It was not yet known if he had the H5N1 virus.

So does he have bird flu or not? Did he show symptoms this Wednesday, today, or last week? This is not the 2-year-old reported on March 1—his name is Youssef Mohamed Said Abdel Azzim and he’s from Al Fayoum.

Second, I went to Egyptian Chronicles to see if Zeinobia had the story—and what she had was this: H5N1 human infection reaches to Cairo.

The first two human infection cases in Cairo were announced yesterday. Azza Hassen Hafiz “32 yrs old” and her 55 yrs old mother Ansaf Ibrahim Mustafa were infected by H5N1 from the domestic poultry they used to raise. They live in the Sahal area in Cairo. They were transferred to the hospital and were found H5N1 positive. Hopefully they will be cured.

Dutchy at The Flu Clinic has these reports, but nothing else. So what’s going on in Egypt? And why haven’t the news services picked up on the mother-daughter cases? I have no idea.