RSWS Rawat Child Suspect Flu Burung (on March 01 2009, 15 x, Comment) MAKASSAR — A female child, Fadilla, 7, received the maintenance in the room of the Pakis Gedung Lontara I RS Wahidin Sudirohusodo Space isolation (RSWS) Makassar. He was expected or suspect flu burung.Hingga on Saturday, February 28, the resident of the Tamarampu Village, Kelurahan Bonto, of Kecamatan Mandai, Maros still in the Team’s investigation of the Avian Influenza Control (AI) RSWS.

The RS Salewangan Maros reconciliation patient entered the Rawat Darurat Installation (IRD) approximately struck 14,30 Wita, before being isolated in Pakis Space. According to Dr Bob Wahyuddin, the fever patient with the temperature of the body 38 levels.

The “inspection of routine blood has been carried out.” Including taking the sample apusan the throat to be sent to Department of Health Research And Development. That to confirm whether indeed the illness that was suffered by Fadilla AI or not, explained the child’s specialist doctor that also the member the Team of the AI RSWS Control.

According to Bob, Fadilla experienced the fever after contact with his neighbouring chicken that died since last February 23. The chicken died suddenly this was detected by bird flu.

Chairman Tim of the Controlling AI RSWS Operation, Dr Khalid Saleh, SpPD said, the existence of the case of the patient suspect AI made his side be on the alert to face the other model patient.

The “experience beforehand, if having the patient of one that was feverish in the location” of the “chicken that died suddenly, then will emerge the other patient.”
Previously until 19 inpatients two days. But we have been ready. Aids from the Department of Health also have been available, he explained. (nin)

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Child Care RSWS suspect Bird Flu
(01 Mar 2009, 25 x, Comment)

MAKASSAR – A female kid, Fadilla, 7, get treatment in the isolation room space fern Building Lontara I Wahidin Sudirohusodo RS (RSWS) Makassar. He is suspected or suspect flu burung.Hingga Saturday, February 28, Tamarampu of Hamlet, Bonto Kelurahan, Kecamatan Mandai, Maros was still in the investigative team Penanggulangan Avian Influenza (AI) RSWS.

Patient referral hospital Salewangan Maros Installing the entrance to the Emergency Care (IRD) as much Wita at 14:30, before diisolasi in the fern room. According to dr Bob Wahyuddin, patients with a fever the body temperature of 38 degrees.

“Routine blood examination has been carried out. Apusan includes taking a sample to be sent to the throat Litbang MOH. That is to make sure that the disease suffered Fadilla AI or not,” dust child specialist doctor who is also team members Penanggulangan AI RSWS it.

According to Bob, Fadilla have a fever after contact with dead chickens neighbors since 23 February. Chickens died suddenly detected the bird flu.

Head of Operations Tim Penanggulangan AI RSWS, dr Khalid Saleh, SpPD revealed, the patient suspect AI cases create the alert for the other patient follow-up.

“Previous experience, if patients have a fever at the location of the chicken that died suddenly, it will show other patients. Previously to 19 patients in two days. But we are ready. The tool’s MOH has also been available,” he explained.