February 28, 2009

And (8), a child from the Sukamantri Village, Desa Sukaraya, Subdistrict Karangbahagia, County Bekasi, died in RS Persahabatan, Jakarta Timur, on Saturday morning (28/2). And was treated in this hospital with the status of the bird flu suspect patient.

“And was buried on Saturday in the early afternoon,” said the Information (Public Relations?) Head of the Bekasi Regency Illness Handling Field and Area Health Sanitation Agency, Rudi Ruhdiat, who was contacted earlier today. And was reconciled to RS Persahabatan on Saturday morning, because this child was suspected to be infected with the bird flu virus.  Previously And was treated at RS Annisa, Cikarang, County Bekasi, since Friday night. The child was diagnosed with pneumonia with symptoms of a high fever accompanied by coughing and breathlessness.   Information was received that around And’s house there were chickens that died suddenly, but these chickens had been buried.  With the case in the Sukaraya Village, Karangbahagia, it was significant that in one month, bird flu cases were found in two subdistricts in the Bekasi Regency. The other case of reported bird flu happened in Village Sukamulya, Subdistrict Sukatani, in February.