Puzzling connection to a similar case in Austria.(PR-inside.com 22.02.2009 15:57:23)

A supply of highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus vaccine contaminated of Austria to the Czech Republic provides for risks of 13 laboratory staff. At the same time, 18 employees of an Austrian pharmaceutical laboratories in Vienna Otto Wagner Spital against “bird flu” theme.

Czech media reports that it came in a laboratory of the 70 km east of Prague situated Biotest Ltd. in Konarovice in a serious incident by highly pathogenic H5N1 virus contaminated vaccine.

According to the Scientific Forum Avian Influenza (WAI) the information the incident took place already on 06 February this year. im The experimental vaccine was on 30.01.2009 by Avir Green Hills Biotechnology GmbH. Behalf of the pharmaceutical company Baxter Vienna to the laboratory of Biotest Ltd. has been delivered in the Czech Republic, where in this animal to be tested ferrets.

As part of the animal in the ferrets began to show symptoms and some of the animals died, was from Austria delivered vaccine investigated and any contamination with hazardous for human-pathogen avian flu H5N1 found. 13 laboratories of Biotest Ltd employees. which over a period of approximately one week as part of their work contact with the highly pathogenic agents were preventive antiviral drugs. For an infection of the laboratory staff did not seem fortunately.

So far unexplained is the relationship of the laboratory incident in the Czech Republic to a report of the Press and Information Service of the City of Vienna 11.02. in which it is stated that the Vienna Otto Wagner Hospital, Citation: 18 employees of an outside company out-patients [were], because the moment could not be excluded that in the context of their work with a bird flu pathogen had been in contact.

According to the WAI arises, however, may be a causal link with a simultaneously taking place in Vienna Phase I study of an H5N1 vaccine live in the Austrian pharmaceutical company Baxter, under which a designed as a nasal spray bird flu vaccine tested on humans. Whether the contamination of the vaccines actually in human phase I study in Vienna effect is unclear, but it would plausible to explain why at 11.02. – Five days after a laboratory accident by contaminated vaccine in the Czech Republic – Austria Vienna in 18 people in the Otto-Wagner-Spital preventively against H5N1 should be treated.

Although the laboratory incident is now the Biological Hazard from EDIS ‘Emergency and Disaster Services), under the name BH-20090217-20552-CZE is listed, Baxter had been no public opinion forced.

The Science Forum avian influenza, therefore, strongly urges a full and detailed disclosure of the circumstances for which a vaccine contamination with highly pathogenic agents have led.

Already in 2004 there was a contamination of vaccines. The pharmaceutical manufacturer Chiron (now part of Switzerland’s Novartis AG) had 46 million doses of Fluvirin flu vaccine due to bacterial contamination must be destroyed.