22 February, 2009
by redaksiMetro

CILENGGANG- Kaila Nabila (2.9) the resident Kp cilenggang RT 02/04, the Serpong Subdistrict, the Tangerang City South was suspected of dying resulting from contracting the bird flu virus.

Apart from Kaila, the Tangerang resident other that is Maya Suparni (15) the resident blossomed Jaya, Sepatan was expected also contracted the bird flu virus and currently still in the process of the maintenance in bird flu space of RSU Tangerang.

Ade Sulaiman, casualties’s father claimed in the date to be 14 Febuari then his child experienced the high fever. And at that time also he at once carried the child both of them this to the community health centre and the clinic of the child’s specialist close to his house. The “clinic at that time told so that in referred to RS Fatmawati because of having the affected assumption DBD,” ujar him when being met in his house.”

And in this RS Fatmawati his child received the maintenance for three days. However because the condition for his child continued to descend finally his life was not helped again. Ironically again, Ade admitted to not knowing definitely what became the cause of the death of his child.

“Until this I had not received the news from RS Fatmawati what caused my child to die.” And I only received the news from the village staff that Litbangkes said my child terjangkit the flu virus burung,” regret him.

Ade also admitted to submitting on his child’s trip and currently the child him has been buried in TPU Kramat Tajug. Despite this he hoped that the Kesehatan Service side of the Tangerang Regency to the front more was open to casualties’s family.

The death of the resident Cilenggang that was expected terjangkit the bird flu virus was justified by the Training of the Team of the Cepat Movement of Bird Flu and Livestock Breeding of the agricultural service of Kabupaten Tangerang, Zaifiwar. According to him, he has received information from Litbangkes that Kaila Nabila positive affected H5N1. And his side has carried out the taking of the sample of the available poultry in this area. “It will not yet have results, later if having me kabarkan,” said him.”

In the meantime the Tangerang resident other that was expected terjangkit the bird flu virus was Maya Suparni (15) the resident blossomed Jaya, Kecamatan Sepatan. And up to now casualties still in treated in RSU Tangerang. Unfortunately the side of RSU Tangerang and casualties’s family reluctantly gave information