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Students in detention »fevers» Beni Suef on suspicion of being b «avian flu»

  Omar Sheikh wrote 2-19-2009
Detained fevers Beni Suef hospital, the day before yesterday, Muhammad Azim «18 years» Albranqp students from the village, of the Center for Bba, on suspicion of being infected with bird flu, after the emergence of symptoms similar to symptoms of the disease.

And Dr. Ahmed Yousef, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health, found that contact with the student of birds, and samples were taken, sent to the Ministry of Health laboratories for analysis, he was placed under observation and given medicines.

And Dr. Abdul Rahim Ali, Under-Secretary, Department of Veterinary Medicine to maintain, that the organs of the Directorate moved to the village of the student,

It was the work of a complete survey of his home, and give the necessary vaccinations for birds, the taking of samples, and 50 neighboring houses, and sent to central laboratories.