HONG KONG-Following positive test results of H5N1 bird flu virus in dead birds found along the west coast of Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department confirmed on February 15 that the dead myna bird found in Tung Ping Chau on February 12 also carried the virus. An expert pointed out that this indicates bird flu in Hong Kong has entered the second stage. Cheung Ho-fai, president of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society said that all the dead birds mentioned above have a common habit of eating garbage and dead birds, which indicates that the bird flu in Hong Kong has entered the second stage. He said that from the order of events, “there were dead domestic poultry with bird flu virus found at Hong Kong’s seaside first, and then the wild birds were infected. So I think it is clear that the wild birds were infected by the infected dead poultry.” So far, Hong Kong has found 40 dead birds, of which 12 have been confirmed with H5N1 virus. Cheung pointed out that these cases could prove the virus can spread by water. He suspects that the CCP authorities failed to monitor the epidemic or might have even suppressed knowledge of the outbreak previously. Cheung also suspected the reason why no local outbreak of bird flu in poultry on the mainland was reported is because there were eight human bird flu cases in mainland China this January alone. He said, “According to media reports in mainland China, there were many people infected with bird flu, but no poultry or wild birds were reported with the virus. It’s very strange. I think it’s because the efforts of the surveillance in mainland China are different.” full story http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/12223/

(Second stage? What is the second stage? What guidelines did they set for this second stage? And what part of these guidelines have been met?-cottontop)