(Note: The article above says he is the second patient. That is a mistake, he is the 3rd person. See below for details.)

A 32-year-old man from Vietnamese northern Ninh Binh Province has been tested positive to the H5N1 virus, an official from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOH) told Xinhua on Monday. The patient, named Cu Van Chieu, is the third bird flu patient in Vietnam this year, said the official with the Preventative Health Department under the MOH.
Bird flu is spreading wide in Vietnam with complicated developments. The already-confirmed infected province Mekong Deltaof Soc Trang has reported more local poultry farms struck by bird flu, said the Vietnam News Agency on Monday.

Vietnam has reported three human cases of bird flu so far this year. They are an eight-year-old girl from northern Thanh Hoa province in early January, a 23-year-old woman Ly Tai Mui from northern Quang Ninh province in early February and the newly-confirmed man Cu Van Chieu.

The 23-year-old woman Ly Tai Mui has shown slow recovery as she is still suffering severe respiratory illnesses, according to a recent state-run news program by the Vietnam Television Station.