Five of the seven suspect came from two families.

BEKASI – Number of Sukamulya Village, District Sukatani, Kabupaten Bekasi, the infected bird flu increases. Yesterday, aged 10 years old kid berinisial Ip identified virus infected with bird flu symptoms of fever and high fever.

Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health Office Penyehatan Kabupaten Bekasi Rudi Ruhdiat bring victims treated at a local health clinic. Public Health, according to Rudi, has given the drug Tamiflu to Ip. If health does not improve within two days ahead, the victim will be referred to Sulianti Saroso Hospital, North Jakarta.

Previously, the Village Sukamulya six people suspected of being infected bird flu virus. The six people have been making close contact with poultry that positive avian influenza (AI) H5N1 type. “Total of suspected bird flu virus infected seven people,” said Rudi.

On Thursday, there are 42 chickens belonging to the local people die suddenly. But, the sudden death of poultry was not destroyed, but removed to the river and some were consumed.

Rudi suspect, Ip and other people infected with AI virus type H5N1 through the air. Of bird flu, according to Rudi, can occur through direct contact with poultry or a positive AI slurp chicken feces, nasal mucus, blood and chicken that has been kiln. Virus and attack the lungs, symptoms appear and then heat and high fever.

Rudi add, the status of suspect bird flu on the seventh of these test results obtained from the public health laboratory belonging to the Ministry of Health in Bandung. While the results of specific laboratory examination bird flu in Jakarta, two new weekend again.

Sairan, the Village Head Sukamulya, said the seven residents of a bird flu infected poultry is the owner who died suddenly. “Even one of the family who ate ayamnya loss because they do not want to,” he said.

One family who consume chicken that is infected with AI SR, Je, and Ar. When viewing ayamnya sick, they immediately cut poultry and cook. He suspected, of bird flu on the third through the sprinkling of the blood dry up when the chicken is cut.

Other citizens suspected of bird flu virus infected it is, the mother of Ip. The two victims are still one family that is suspected of being infected through chicken feces around the house. Meanwhile, another citizen who is also presumed, and now is in control and Sa MD. Their blood sample was sent to the Ministry of Health.

According Sairan, associated with the disease suffered by Ip, residents found three chickens died suddenly. Until now, the total number of chickens that have been destroyed amounted to 50 head.

Bekasi Regency, said Rudi, bird flu is endemic. The virus usually appear at the turn of seasons, marked by the sudden death in poultry.