Immediately following the terror of the SARS breakout and its mysterious disappearance, another deadly disease appeared on the scene. In 2004 the avian influenza virus attacked poultry farms and wild birds across the Asian countryside. These two diseases share the same source: China. Their initial disclosures were also similar in that a few brave people revealed the truth to the world despite pressure from Chinese authorities to deny their existence. These heroes all suffered for their bravery. Dr. Jiang Yanyong, the person who disclosed the SARS breakout, was arrested and put under strict surveillance. Individuals who sent pictures of large amounts of dead, wild birds to the outside world have never been heard from again. Five years later, almost everyone seems to have forgotten about SARS, and have become numb to bird flu reports. But the medical world remains deeply concerned. A doctor’s heart would miss a beat when he reads news that in 2009 alone three people have been diagnosed with H5N1 in China. All three have died. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that bird flu will cause millions of deaths around the world once the virus evolves to human-to-human transmission. Before this gloomy prediction comes true, there are a lot humans can do to control the damage, if, and only if, the information of the disease is provided openly and in a timely manner. In China, however, publicizing disease information is next to impossible. In December 2008, H5N1 was discovered in chickens in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government killed tens of thousands of birds, but avoided revealing the sources of the chickens under pressure from Chinese authorities. It is widely known that Hong Kong’s live poultry is provided by mainland Chinese suppliers. These birds could not have been infected with the virus after arriving in Hong Kong. This Hong Kong discovery may indicate a massive bird flu breakout in China, one which has been intentionally hidden by the government controlled media. Unsurprisingly, soon after the Hong Kong breakout, news soon spread throughout the internet that millions of chickens died of H5N1 bird flu in south-eastern China’s Jiangsu Province in November 2008. These reports offered evidence that these dead chickens were simply bleached with hydrogen peroxide and sold to Shanghai, Shandong and Henan provinces. (Snip) Chinese media claimed that a 19-year-girl from Beijing who died on January 5, 2009 was the first victim of the new wave of H5N1 breakout. But was she really the first? The reported human bird flu cases appeared in different areas of China, which may mean H5N1 has spread to a vast range of areas throughout the country through unregulated channels as diseased chickens go to market. One need only consider the Chinese communist regime recent behavior in covering up SARS to realize that the official government reports might not tell the whole story. It casts serious doubt on the credibility of the claim that there are only four cases of humans contracting the virus. Might they be just the tip of an iceberg? (Snip) By covering up relevant information, the Chinese communist regime is not only harming the Chinese people, but also endangering the entire human race.