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The Ministry of Health has advised all health facilities – public, mission and private, to follow up all patients who have been referred to Gauteng province in South Africa for medical attention since September 12.

This advice comes in the wake of reports that an unknown highly infectious disease has been identified in South Africa. In a press release the ministry also implores people who sought medical attention in that country’s province’s health facilities since the same date (September 12th) to report to the nearest health facility here in Botswana.

In a press release yesterday permanent secretary Newman Kahiya advised health facilities and members of the public to “postpone seeking all non-emergency medical attention in Gauteng province until further notice”.

Three cases of this disease have been reported and all the three patients have died.



Blood samples from all three patients were taken and the results were reported as inconclusive of any particular disease, including the viral hemorrhagic fevers,” says Kahiya.

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