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The socialisation of Bird Flu as Social Responsibility the Company

By editorial staff of 25/09/2008 @ 23:33

The bird flu illness (FB), still spread from the poultry to humankind. In fact in many Asian countries, Europe and Africa, the FB pandemic to the poultry has happened. With increasingly the frequency infected humankind, it was worried about the FB virus that Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI-H5N1) bermutasi became the virus that spread between humankind. When this happened, then the big disaster could not be evaded with the number of deaths and pain that many as well as the social disorder economics, the sadness as well as humankind’s suffering. Therefore, all the sides including the company multi national was asked to have the FB control strategy and the Influenza Pandemic. Moreover the socialisation of the FB control to the employee and the environment him became part of social responsibility the company or Corparate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Was like this the statement of Menkes Dr. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp.JP (K) opposite 100 owners of the company (the CEO) from various kinds of the efforts field, when opening “Sosialisasi Pengendalian FB and Menghadapi Pandemi Influenza Preparedness in the company’s environment/industri” in Jakarta on September 23 2008. The Menkes concern was based by the past experience when the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 happening that caused the death 40-50 million people all over the world in relatively short time. According to Menkes, the government was very serious in the FB control in Indonesia. Through the No. Presidential Regulation 7 in 2006 formed the Nasional Pengendalian FB Commission and Mengdadapi Pandemi Influenza Preparedness (Komnas FBPI) in order to coordinates FB control efforts nationally. The president also issued Inpres No. 1 in 2007 about the Handling and the Control of the FB virus, to press the number of FB sufferers to humankind. “Karena that, unwise when we were not on alert anticipated the threat of the influenza pandemic that will come.

The prevention of the emergence of the influenza pandemic in the period that will come globally to be striven for. If these efforts later evidently was not successful, then the impact of the pandemic must be able to be pressed as on a small scale as possible with preparedness that terencana and was tested rapi”, said Dr. Siti Fadilah. The FB control and Menghadapi Pandemi Influenza Preparedness in the environment perusa-haan/the industry was the integral part of national preparedness and global, must be planned and diujicoba neatly and thoroughly. If this was not done, was difficult the impact of the pandemic was made as on a small scale as possible in the company’s environment/the industry. This meant his impact on the wider community will stay very big and was not controlled. In fact, episenter this pandemic possibly began to happen in the certain part in the world, said Menkes. The virus H5N1 the first time being detected to the poultry in August 2003 and the sub-type infection H5N1 to humankind the first time it was confirmed in Indonesia in July 2005

The FB challenge increasingly increased both in the national level and in the regional and global level. The case of bird flu has to humankind been detected in many countries that is Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey and Viet Nam. In the national level, the number of endemic provinces bird flu to the poultry really has increased so as only two provinces that still was free FB that is Gorontalo and the North Moluccas. The Luar Biasa incident (KLB) FB to the poultry still happened in a sporadik manner in various areas, added Menkes. Menkes stated, FB was the relatively new illness. Because of that still needed the study and the research from various experts like epidemiology, clinical, diagnostics, immunology and virology. For example, the early detection and FB beginning medical treatment in the Community Health Centre were needed by some kit fast diagnostics (rapid test) with the level of the sensitivity and spesifisitas high. So also in the aspect of the prevention, the FB vaccine for humankind still in the process of the producer’s research of the vaccine and the experts

Total investment in poultry livestock breeding reached 35 Billion American dollar with the circulation of money reached US$*30 Milyar per the year. The livestock breeding industry jugai absorbed 10 million manpower. Whereas the total poultry reached 1.3 Billion tails, where 20% among them was kept behind the house (backyard farm) by 30 million households in Indonesia. Therefore, the control of the FB problem in Indonesia might not be done in a manner sem-barangan, but must terencana and was implemented thoroughly as well as neat. Like in the saying “seperti pulled hair from flour; flour should not be hoarsest and hair lest putus”, said Menkes. Menkes stressed, Indonesia has had the Stratejik Nasional Plan for the FB control and Pandemi Influenza Preparedness (National Strategic Plan for Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness) 2006-2008.

Several activities that were increased, in part:

*) developed 8 regional diagnostic laboratories and the Litbangkes Body laboratory to BSL-3 (Bio Safety Level 3), to check the living virus.

*) continued the socialisation of the policy and the intensification penatalaksanaan the case as well as the speed of case reconciliation.

*) reinforced Early Warning System (the early detection) and Surveilans. Equipped the intensive maintenance equipment in 100 reconciliation hospitals.

*) intensified risk communication in developing the awareness of the social stratum.

*) developed the alert village in the health field including the prevention and the FB control.

*) developed “Pilot Project” the prevention and the FB control in Tangerang as the model, co-operated with the Singaporean government.

*) reinforced the co-ordination of the sector passage especially with the Department of Agriculture that was competent in the handling of the source of the infection in the poultry.

*) the epidemiology Research, clinical, the environment and virologis. *) produced Oseltamivir domestic and developed the based vaccine strain H5N1 Indonesia and rapid test to detect the FB virus to humankind, co-operating in a foreign manner. Moreover, also had the Plan.