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Menkes asked for the support of the company’s circle of BIRD FLU


Note: I’ve inserted the definition bermutasi below because it is in a very significant sentence. This is the first time we have heard an admission like this from the government. Hold onto your hat! I wish they would publish the text of the speech, so we could check the sentence’s accuracy. Of course, the reporter might have interviewed the guy that read the speech, too.

On Wednesday, September 24 2008 Jakarta (the Karya Voice): the Government asked for the businessman’s circle through the program corporate social responsibility (CSR) to begin to make the preparedness plan face the occurrence of the bird flu pandemic in Indonesia. That was caused by the virus avian influenza (H5NI) has headed in highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI-H5NI) that bermutasi {having a mutation; with new hereditary traits} spread the virus human to human.

“Eventually the company will it was hoped have the clear scenario according to plan national preparedness to face the influenza pandemic,” said the Health Minister (Menkes) Siti Fadilah Supari in his speech that was read out by Director General Bina Pelayanan Kefarmasian and the Departemen Medical Instrument of the Kustantinah Health, in Jakarta, on Tuesday.

According to Menkes, the socialisation of the control of bird flu for the perpetrators of efforts that were attended by 100 owners of the company was needed because of the perpetrators of efforts also including the side that will be affected by the impact of the bird flu pandemic.

“Control efforts and the company’s preparedness in facing the pandemic was part of the national and global preparedness so as to have to be planned thoroughly and to be tested neatly,” he said.

The Menkes concern was based by the past experience, when the Spanish flu pandemic during 1918, happening that caused the death around 50 million people all over the world in a short time.

Added by Menkes, these control efforts could be in part carried out by carrying out the socialisation to the employee and forming the team of the fast movement of the control of bird flu. Moreover, the company better also made the continuity plan if the true pandemic happened. “This was carried out that the business activity and efforts could continue to take place although the pandemic happened,” he said.

Menkes acknowledged, the existence of the poultry for the wider community really important from the aspect of economics and social. Total investment in poultry livestock breeding reached 35 billion US dollar with the circulation of money reached 30 billion US dollar per the year. The livestock breeding industry also absorbed 10 million manpower. (Tri Wahyuni)


If he is asking employers to prepare their employees for pandemic, that speaks volumes to the state of the bird flu situation.Could it be that we now know what they know? That bf is really out of control and that concern has grown to fear?