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Deputy warns of catastrophe due to 300 thousand pigs amid housing  

21st September
Mohsen Radi progress (member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood) to the urgent question Engineer Amin Abaza (Minister of Agriculture) as the World Health Organization has confirmed that Egypt is on the heels of an environmental disaster;, because raising 300 pigs a central residential areas.
Radi said that the report confirmed that Egypt with more than 300 thousand pigs, including 60 people in the Qaliubiya governorate, 52 people in Dakahlia, and 120 people in Cairo, Assiut and 45 thousand.
He pointed out that such a huge number of pigs has increased the possibility of H5N1 infection of avian influenza and human influenza; where they can mix and synergies between them, thus foreshadowing a possible result of a new virus were able to penetrate and destroy the human body and the transition to others.
Radi added that the pig is not only the deployment of bird flu; but also other diseases such as foot and mouth disease and other deadly diseases.