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The return of bird flu  

Pathogenesis of Tanta hospital received this morning a suspected case of bird flu to a woman called Hoda Noah (45 years) from the village of Tanta Kmsheec Center, after I was very high in temperature and pain in bone and inflammation of the throat and narrow breathing, was rushed to hospital admitted Tanta. Where a blood sample withdrawn and the appearance of the throat to be sent to the central health ministry laboratory in Cairo confirmed the injury Ms. disease.

On the other 160 birds were culled house woman, were imposed Kerdoun security to the region and clearing and execution parks adjacent to the center of birds infected at a distance of 500 meters…………




General / bird flu in Egypt / human cases  

Cairo 21 Ramadan 1429 AH September 21, 2008 WAS

Britain’s Ministry of Health in Egypt in the emergence of a new human case of bird flu, a 45-year-old woman West province.
The official said the Egyptian Health Ministry in a statement today that the Directorate of Medical Affairs Western Province received notification from the hospital admitted the arrival of Mahala housewife called Huda Noah Shish share the status of the village of Tanta suffer from very high temperature and bone pain after taking a sample of blood for analysis labs Central show bird flu.
They noted that the Directorate decided to form teams of health and veterinary inspection of the farm household and village nests and analysis for birds and the execution of his evidence the virus.