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From Sulawesi

MASAMBA – three villagers Mekar Jaya, Mappedeceng, Luwu Utara, South Sulawesi, that to suspect bird flu or avian influenza (AI) refused to be checked further.

The three of them were Wayan Garong, 50; Wayan Jarum, 34; and Ketut Radita, 60. They refused during the team of the doctor RSUD Andi Djemma, Masamba, to carry out the taking of the sample of blood.

In the meantime, till Wednesday (17/9) four the patient suspect other, namely Yudi Astawan, 48; Wayan Jesika, 3 months; Kadek Purniasari, 24; and Komang Yuliani, 22, was still undergoing the maintenance in RSUD Andi Makassau Parepare.

Director RSUD Andi Djemma, Masamba, Marhani Katma said, four patients suspect this bird flu was still being treated in Parepare.

“Three other residents refused to be taken the sample” of “his blood,” explained Marhani.

The AI virus emergence or bird flu in the Mekar Jaya Village made the Luwu Utara Regional Government isolate this village.

Thousands of tails of the chicken were it was reported destroyed in order to prevents the spreading of the deadly virus.