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Control efforts of Bird Flu in June 2005? In August 2008 , on September 18 2008 – the Flu Burung Departemen Command Post of the Health recorded,

from 12 provinces that were infected by Bird Flu to humankind, to August 31 2008 was gotten 7 provinces were not found again that is the Lampung Province (the infection on September 22 2005, 2 years 11 months),

the South Sulawesi Province (the infection on June 18 2006, 2 years 2 months),

the South Sumatra Province (the infection on March 10 2007, 1 year 5 months),

the Riau Province (infekksi on October 31 2007,
10 months did not have the case),

the East Java Province (the infection on March 19, 1 year 7 months),

the North Sumatran Province (the infection on May 3 2007: 1 year 3 months), and the Balinese Province (the infection on August 14 2007, 1 year)

Until this, the spread of Bird Flu (FB) still came from the poultry to humankind. Was based on the specimen inspection and case contact in the period in January – on August 31 totalling 986 (in 2006), 1,218 (in 2007), and 805 specimens (in 2008) and towards case contact, showed the existence of the spread between humankind did not yet happen.

Be based on surveilans Bird Flu epidemiology was at the end of July 2008 found by 1 positive case of Bird Flu on behalf of Jk (L, 20 th) the resident Tangerang Banten that died on July 31 2008. Now in August 2008 was not found by the existence of the new case.

The inspection of 12 people suspek the resident’s Bird Flu in Afdeling 5 of Damuli Dusun IV Air Batu, Kabupaten Asahan, North Sumatra, early last August, all of them the Bird Flu negative. The case suspek this Bird Flu was found was based on the activity surveilans active since the date 5 – on August 7 2008 by the Kesehatan Service of the North Sumatran Province and Dinkes Kabupaten Asahan.

The development from January – in August 2008 showed the decline trend of the number of cases. The peak was highest the case of Bird Flu was recorded in May 2007 that is the discovery 18 positive cases klaster Bird Flu in the Karo Regency with 7 cases.

The number of cases of Bird Flu in the same period in January – on August 31 in 2006, 2007 and 2008 were endless that is 45 cases, 31 cases and 20 cases. Meaning that in January – on August 31 2008 the decline in the case of 35.4% against the same period in 2007, happened and descended 55.5% compared with the same period in 2006.

The number of cases suspek the period in January – in August 2008 showed the decline of 45% compared with the same period in 2007, and descended 25% during 2006.

Efforts that were carried out by the government in handling the case of Bird Flu were to carry out counselling, the free maintenance in RS in the case suspek and positive Bird Flu including pemulasaran the body.

The provisions of medicine oseltamivir in the Community Health Centre, RS Rujukan, and the Kesehatan Service of the Regency and the Province. The training of the spokesperson Bird Flu 12 regional, finally, Regional Bali in August 2008. Communication and Information peanggulangan Bird Flu through the mass media.

The Table simulation great the control episenter the influenza pandemic in August in Palu, Provinsi Central Sulawesi. Moreover, the government also compiled the Rencana Kontinjensi Penanggulangan Episenter Pandemi Influenza Module for the Regency/Kota and the Province.

The training of Epidemiologi Investigation for the Team of the Movement of Cepat/TGC the province and the Regency. Asesment the TGC achievement and the Official Surveillans Kabupaten/Kota (DSO/District Surveillance Officer). The recruitment S2 Epidemiologi Lapangan/Field Epidemiology Training Programme/FETP Indonesia of the student’s candidate in the University Indonesian Jakarta and the University Gajah Mada Yogyakarta. Also was carried out by the survey of attitude knowledge and the behaviour of Bird Flu in the Jurug Kec village. Mojosongo, Kab. Boyolali, Java.

Not only efforts in the country, the government also carried out the international co-operation with the developing country and the Non Blok Movement that produced the World Health Assembly resolution (WHA 60,28) in May 2007 about the action for the increase transparasi, justice and equality in the utilisation of information, the diagnosis, the medicine, the vaccine and other technology.

Results, the movement permanent representative Non Blok on June 27 2008 ratified the Declaration of the Non Blok Movement about “Responsible Practices for sharing of Avian Influenza Viruses and Benefits Sharing” with the outline of the exchange of information, the virus sharing that berkeadilan, was equal and was open in accessing the vaccine for the developing country.

This news was broadcasted by the Centre of Publik Communication, Sekretariat Jenderal the Department of the Health. For information further could contact through the number of the telephone/fax: 021-52921669 and 5223002, or the e-mail address puskom.publik@yahoo.co.id.