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Two Chickens Were Found Positif Avian Influenza

Masamba, Tribun – totalling four villagers Desa Karya Mekar, Kecamatan Mappedeceng, Kabupaten Luwu Utara (Lutra), was stated suspek bird flu. The four of them till yesterday still were treated in the Regional Hospital (RSUD) Andi Djemma, Masamba, Lutra.

The four residents who were treated in this ward of the internal disease public were their respective, Komang Yuliani (22), Jesica (3 months), Kade Kurniati (24), dan Yudi Astawan (4). Yuliani and Jesica were the mother and the child, in spite of that with Kurniati and Astawan.

The plan is, the four patients suspek this bird flu will be reconciled to RSUD A Makassau, Kota Parepare. His article, RSUD A Djemma did not yet have equipment and isolation space to treat the bird flu sufferer.

One of the residents, Ketut Suliha stated, the four mothers and this child began to be attacked by the high fever since the last three days that was accompanied by dying the suddenness of several poultries in this area.

Poultry Positive

The Positif Karena poultry hot that was suffered never recovered, finally the family brought the two mothers and this child to the hospital.

Felt curious with the death of several poultries in the area of their settlement, the resident had finally reported this incident to the livestock breeding service and fisheries.

Was based on results of the inspection in the Besar Veteriner Hall (BB-Vet) Maros, two from five tails of the poultry that was taken his sample was stated positive was attacked by the virus of Avian Influenza.

“After being carried out by the inspection in the laboratory, there were two poultries that were stated positive bird flu, the” Peternakan” Service headword and Lutra fisheries, Kasim Alwi, to the reporter, on Monday (15/9).

Kasim Alwi said, to anticipate expanded him the territory that was attacked by the bird flu virus, his side carried out spraying in a radius of three kilometre from the location of the discovery of several poultries died suddenly.

Moreover, the house belonging to Yuliani and Kurniati for the time being was given the fence of restraint so that the resident does not enter the yard of the house that it was suspected as the place became an epidemic him the bird flu virus.

The Rawan area of the REPRESENTATIVE Regent Lutra, Arifin Djunaidi, that visited the location asked that the related agency made a kind of plan or the map of the sign that said that the Mappedeceng area the bird flu danger.

The local government also distributed basic commodities [rice, sugar, cooking oil, etc.] to the resident who settled around the location of bird flu of the danger to avoid the sufferer’s increase suspek bird flu.

Apart from giving of the sign of bird flu of the danger, the government with the resident also carried out the extermination of the poultry that it was suspected was infected by the bird flu virus, till yesterday, at least 1,000 tails of the poultry were destroyed in the Karya Mekar Village.

The case suspek damaged bird flu made the resident concerned. Increased again by the spreading of this virus really was difficult was determined.

“That we explained is now frightened outside the house and ate available food uptil now,” said one of the residents, Ketut Suliha. He hoped the government immediately distributed the mask to the resident as prevention efforts of early.