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6 persons transferred to a hospital Dietetic Zagazig on suspicion of avian influenza illness      
East: just poet

Dietetic Zagazig hospital received six people suspected bird flu infection are:  Mohammed Jumaa 12 years, Mona Zakaria quality of 12 years and Emad Zakaria quality aged 55 and Mahdi Ibrahim Mustafa 45 years and the quality of Muhammad Muhammad 54 years, and the loyalty Mohamed Mohamed Sobhi 8 years old, all from the village of euphoria To the village to two Eastern Province, was infected with booking hospital for treatment and completing medical tests that will determine whether or not sickened.

Mahdia Mustafa fatigue felt fully with very high temperature with sore throat, cough, which prompted doctors to inform the village hospital dietary suspicion injury Lady Bird flu disease, and to disclose to family and neighbors were discovered symptoms similar to the symptoms of the patient first has been the transfer of a child and four people to hospital To conduct tests and medical examinations for all.

Please keep in mind this is Arabic. Translation is rough.-cottontop