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August 8, 2008


KabarIndonesia – Twelve people who were indicated as Bird Flu Suspects  came from the location of the Perkebunan Damuli Hut, Dusun IV, of Afdeling V, Desa Air Batu III/IX, Kecamatan Air Batu, Kabupaten Asahan, since Monday (4/8) were forced to be taken to the Public Hospital of H. Abdul Manan Simatupang, Kisaran.  Until now on Wednesday (6/8), 10 among them still underwent treatment in the main room, RSU VIP.   Whereas 2 more people since Tuesday night (5/8) were reconciled to the Pusat Public Hospital (RSUP) H Adam Malik Medan, because of the illness that was suffered experienced the increase, with the condition for the increasingly high fever. The patient A1 that was undergoing treated inap in RSU Kisaran, each one had a name, Beautiful Purnama Sari (4), Ujang Suprianto (38), Supriati (23), Retno Ayu Pertiwi (5), Rama Agus Setiawan (2), Sudirah (36), Misniah (35), Rindi Meilani (8), Darsiyem (32), and Dewiyanti (5) .

Two other suspect casualties were treated in RSUP H Adam Malik Medan, M. Sani Mufli (8 months) and Fadhilah Hanum (7).

“At this time others were receiving intensive maintenance in RSU Kisaran, whereas two other people were forced to be reconciled by us to RSUP H Adam Malik Medan, because the medical personnel recorded that their conditions were increasingly worsened and heavy, with the condition for a high fever,” said Head of the Shavings Government Regional Health, Dr Armansyah Siregar, to the writer, on Wednesday (6/8) while being questioned in Ruang Kerjanya.  Asked in the matter of the status of the people that died beforehand in the same village, that is Misnan (54) died (20/7), Gunawan fortune (5) died (2/8), and Yosi Tigo Sijati (6) died (4/8), Armansyah still could not confirm whether or not they were attacked by bird flu.

“WE still could not confirm that those who died were affected by bird flu or not because the families buried them before a medical inspection could be carried out.  However in accordance with Protap, if one person dies after a week where chickens had suddenly died, then they should be been categorized as bird flu suspects,” he explained.  Last Tuesday his office set up the Command Post in the area of the incident.  They investigated residents who suffered a fever, especially in the Radius of 1 KM from the resident’s house that was stated as a suspect.

“Since yesterday we have continually for a minimum of 12 days established the Command Post in the Suspect location. Various guidances and counselling as well as assistance efforts to the community continued to be carried out, whereas blood samples blood for the laboratory inspection were sent by us to Jakarta,” revealed Armansyah who was accompanied by related service staff, M. Yunan Pane and Haris.

The office the Shavings Regency Livestock Breeding Service through the Head of the Animal Health Field Development, Drh. Bakhtiar, accompanied by Kasi Observation and Domestic Animal Disease Observation Harimansyah, explained that previously several animals in the area were found to be bird flu suspects.   Moreover, after conducting Rapid Tests on 4 chickens on Sunday (3/8), to determine if the animals were the source of the infection, his office believed that the animals ought to be suspected of being attacked by Bird Flu.  At first the existence of a report on the residents and the commodious findings from mid July to the beginning of August 2008 were that approximately 60 tails of poultry died suddenly.  He said as control efforts on Monday (4/8) they involved Subdistrict Muspika and another related local agency, the Asahan Livestock Service, in carrying out extermination efforts against the 300 ‘s of various chickens, ducks, Entok, Angsa and birds, that were owned by 34 residents in the plantation huts. Afterwards, they continued on Tuesday (5/8) spraying in the closest neighbouring Village, like the Perkebunan Puluhan Seruwai Village.  The matter of the origin of the AI virus infection,  from results of this office’s research, was said by Bakhtiar to come from one of the poultry belonging to a resident who will be carried from the Riau province, around mid July 2008, totalling 4 tails.


Why didn’t they quarantine? This procedure has been done before to other villages that I know of, a year or two ago.  It’s not like it’s unheard of.