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WHO – World seasonal flu activity

Comment:  Notice Australia is left out of the report.Seasonal influenza activity in the world, 2008
24 July 2008

This summary provides an updated report of seasonal influenza activity for weeks 28-29. It does not include reports of avian influenza in humans, which are available at the avian influenza page.

Seasonal influenza activity in the world, weeks 28-29 (as of 24 July 2008)

During weeks 28-29, the level of overall influenza activity in the world increased. In the southern hemisphere, a considerable increase in both influenza activity and detection of influenza viruses was observed. Influenza A (H1), A(H3) and influenza B circulated. Widespread outbreaks were reported in New Zealand and South Africa. Countries in the northern hemisphere reported sporadic or no activity.

Argentina. Regional influenza activity was reported. Mostly influenza A viruses were detected and influenza B also circulated.

China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Increase in influenza activity continued, with circulation of A (H3) and A (H1) viruses. All viruses detected from influenza B were of B/Yamagata lineage.

New Zealand. Widespread influenza activity was reported, with mostly influenza A (H3) viruses circulating. Influenza B viruses were also detected.

South Africa. Widespread influenza activity was reported. Influenza A viruses predominated. Influenza A(H1) virus circulated. Regarding Influenza B, viruses from B/Yamagata lineage and B-Victoria lineage were detected.

Between weeks 28 and 29, sporadic influenza activity was detected in Canada (A), Chile (A, B), Panama (A, B), Poland (B), and Uruguay (A ,B).

Brazil and Sri Lanka reported sporadic influenza activity, but no influenza cases were laboratory confirmed.

Cameroon, Estonia, Germany, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mexico, Mongolia, Oman, Portugal, and Slovenia reported no influenza activity.


Austrailia has been having a severe flu season, with no flu surveilance since July 4, 08. No mention of it in the news, no mention to citizens to get their flu shots. Nothing. So what gives?

That’s the problem with tracking stuff like this. You don’t know whether to leave your tin foil hat on or put it away. 😉