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This is a short commentary by Larry G, the water guy as we call him at PFI. He has graciously accepted my request to contribute on the water thread at Pandemic Flu Central Forum.  As I said to Larry when I read this, I’ve been so busy focusing on the other side of the world, that this situation hadn’t occured to me. Whatever you take away from it, just know that should something like this happen, be very cautious at what the press is reporting to the public. Don’t believe, and don’t disbelieve. Keep an open mind.  Anything is possible. Here’s Larry G:


“Way too early to be typing a post, but this interesting thought occurred to me late last night before I went to bed. As most Americans are still pretty much clueless on avian influenza and potential pandemic, distracted by other minor issues in the country (economics, politics, et al.), it will be really interesting to witness the general public’s reaction once H5N1 arrives. I’m not referring to a human-to-human variety, just the common pathogenic bird strain. As we have seen in other countries, mass die-offs of diseased poultry, culling and ‘exclusion zones’ around infected areas tend to be reported into at least the local news.Bear with me as I explore the scenario a bit. Perhaps H5N1 is found in a poultry farm, say in California, wiping out 90% of the flock. The rest are culled of course. A quarantine perimeter is set up around the infection site and MSM reports about it a bit. Two days later, three more farms report mass die off of birds. Gets a little more attention than before. Appropriate government officials give assurances that all is well and under control (or some other such drivel). But the public begins to awaken with the news.

Wonder where the tipping point is when John and Jane Q. Public senses that there is now a REAL problem? They browse a few sites on ‘bird flu’ and to their amazement discover there are thousands of articles, forums and preparation sites dealing with pandemic / disaster preparedness. The first inkling hits home that this could become a human flu issue, with a few million deaths resulting.

So the reaction, I would assume, is to grab up ‘survival’ supplies NOW, hit websites like PFI for quick fixes of information, stop buying poultry products and be very angry that nobody told them. And all this before a human pandemic becomes a reality.

If we are lucky enough to have poultry die-offs first in the US, I think John & Jane will be prepping like mad and serious questions will be asked of the government by the people.

Just hoping.”


A quick comment here from Larry at PFI on this:

” I think this pandemic business is going to be little unpleasant and will probably disturb my retirement plans a bit, but like I said in the beginning this was just idle speculation on my part.”