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By now, this story is all over the flu borads. As of now we have really no other source of information. We can conclude several things after picking this to death:
The orginal chineese paper states 160,000 people infected. The translation machine says 16 million. We all know that isn’t possible, and further more, it would be all over the news, and we’d be infected by now.
The Chineese government has a very tight censorship on the news.
The Olympics are the main priority at this moment. They are not going to let anything shadow this.
This is either the flu(which strain?) or SARS all over again.
“The first clue of the outbreak appears to be November 27, 2002 when Canada’s Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), an electronic warning system which is part of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Outbreak and Alert Response Network (GOARN), picked up reports of a “flu outbreak” in China through internet media monitoring and analysis and sent them to the WHO.[6][7] Subsequently, the WHO requested information from Chinese authorities on December 5 and 11″
So, if anyone has any news please let us know.
China – mysterious outbreak of large-scale epidemic

Qingdao July mysterious outbreak of large-scale epidemic, the experts said suspected meningitis infection
July 15, 2008
Into the July 2008, Qingdao University Hospital, Qingdao City Hospital, and other major hospitals every day, packed with tens of thousands of urban areas in all directions from Qingdao came from other small and medium-sized hospitals and the referral of suspected flu-like symptoms from the crowd . These patients is a common clinical features are intense headaches, vomiting, high fever and other symptoms Butui, many elderly and children is more severe symptoms, often associated with liver, kidney and respiratory failure complicated by other symptoms. As of July 15, Qingdao urban areas within the total number of infections to 16 million people, killed 1,251 people. With the increasing number of infected persons, civil fear is spreading. Qingdao City health sector in order to appease the mood of the masses, first through the media, external experts is that influenza infection, said no large-scale spread of the disease, with a view to appease dissatisfied with the masses. But as the number of sick people who died and a sharp increase in the number of people privately speculate whether this is what kind of disease »
July 12, the Qingdao municipal government organized the city’s Health Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control study of the staff held meetings, first proposed at the infectious diseases as suspected epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis (ECM) infection. In order to ensure that the upcoming Olympic Games sailing competition will not be affected by the epidemic, the meeting will be clear by the disease outbreak as a top-secret Miji be kept confidential, and urged all levels of health care units to patients with strict confidentiality, to take all possible measures of Isolate patients, in addition to the tight, loose, still insist that the external pandemic flu.
According to the medical profession concerned said that the ECM was caused by meningococcus of suppurative inflammation, has strong infectious, the annual winter and spring, the incidence of meningitis can be acute bacterial sexually transmitted diseases account for the first. ECM three susceptible population are children, the elderly and migrant workers.
First of all invasive meningococcal respiratory tract, patients on the first day of the onset of a similar upper respiratory tract infection symptoms like fever, stuffy nose and a slight cough. To the first 2-3 days, pathogenic bacteria will soon enter the blood system, destroyed by the enemy of normal human blood cells, the formation of sepsis, leading to infection toxic shock. Shivering in the performance of high fever, looking pale and Jingshenbuzhen, on a plaque or sediment deposition point. Bacteria will be through the blood-brain barrier, into the brain tissue, leading to meningitis, a severe headache, vomiting spray, and even convulsions.
ECM central nervous system caused by infection, if not timely and effective treatment, patients may be due to circulatory failure, respiratory failure and death, the mortality rate as high as 10 percent.…
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