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On Friday, July 11 2008
The plague of Bird Flu was Still threatening Indonesia


Earplugs — the Plague of bird flu (Avian Influenza) in Indonesia still continued to be guarded against. This deadly illness was still having the potential to develop faster than last 2005. Agriculture Minister, Anton Apriyantono, said, this illness must be guarded against, especially during the rain season.

His article, the development of the bird flu virus in the rain season was far more aggressive compared with the dry season like at this time. We ‘must continue to be on the alert against this bird flu attack’, said Anton, in gaps of the Penyidikan Hall cornerstone of the Veteriner Testing of the laying agenda (BPPV), in the Village of Werasari Kel Dangdeur Kab Subang, on Thursday (10/7).

Anton explained, the plague of the bird flu illness the first time was in Indonesia around 2004. This plague, caused the economic loss in large scale. The following year, said Anton, this bird flu threatened the spirit of humankind. Because, the spreading of his deadly virus not only from the animal to the animal, but already to humankind.

In 2005, said Anton, was recorded by approximately 136 people was infected the AI virus, even 110 people among them, his spirit could not be rescued. Since ‘bird flu attacked humankind, then we carried out the research to produce his charm medicine’, he said. It was further that Anton said, because of the fear of the bird flu threat that increasingly raged this, then several researches and the laboratory were developed to produce the dangerous illness charm that was spread by the livestock animal. One of them, with the development of the health laboratory of the animal to avian influenza (AI).

Named by Anton, ideally each province in Indonesia had this laboratory. However, said he, because of the limitations of the fund, at this time the AI laboratory available in Indonesia this just totalling eight units. Director General Peternakan Departemen of Agriculture, Cepy Sujana Daradjatun, claimed, the development of the AI laboratory that the laying of his cornerstone was carried out yesterday that was the natural grant from the Japanese community.

The value of help that was given by Japan as big as 1,78 billion yen Japan. With ‘help from Japan this, was hoped we could create the charm for bird flu and anthrax’, he said. Whereas the representative of the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia, Satoro Sato, added, the development project of this laboratory must immediately be finished. He aimed at the BPPV development in Subang this was finished in March 2009 that would datang. win

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