The Bird Flu groove was Just found in Purwakarta
By editorial staff of 02/07/2008 @ 00:47

(that link needs to be translated in case you check it out)

Jakarta: the Penelitian Veteriner Hall (Balitvet) Bogor, West Java, found the groove (strain) the new bird flu virus in Purwakarta.

Peternakan West Java Rachmat Setiadi Section Head said, in accordance with his location, the groove that was suspected of by results of the mutation being acknowledged also as the Purwakarta groove with the specific code strain PWK.

Director Kesehatan of the Animal Directorate General Peternakan Departemen of Musny Suatmodjo Agriculture said, strain that was the bird flu virus that had emerged in this territory in 1976.

The difference of the protein composition caused the bird flu vaccine that uptil now was used in Indonesia to become ineffective.
Despite this, Musny guaranteed the bird flu virus of H5N1 strain Purwakarta not turn off like strain other bird flu.
The difference that was specific in the protein composition in strain Purwakarta, according to Musny, happened resulting from the mutation in the virus body personally.
However the mutation did not change the composition like perubahan
the form from H5N1 became the kind H5N2.

To map the explanation of the bird flu virus, according to Rachmat, Dinas Peternakan spread out the co-operation with Balitvet.
Apart from in Purwakarta, strain same was reported emerged in several other territories.
Strain just like that, Musny continued, also to be found in the Sukabumi territory, Subang and Jakarta.

As Goju from PFI stated, “specific code strain PWK???

WTF? Sequences? What changes?

Is this just gonna slip under the radar?

Do we get three guesses and the first two don’t count?