The pandemic flu communities are a vast and zealous lot. The diversity is amazing, and so is the hard work.  The flu forums are slowly growing in number, and I’d like to add my new forum to the mix.

When a new pandemic forum is created, it’s created for different reasons, and never meant to replace, or out do the well established flu forums that provide top notch news and discussions for it’s members and readers.

Instead, new flu forums take their place, along side their mentors, and continue to provide to the world of pandemic flu news, adding their own unique flare to the pandemic forum. I believe with each new forum, we can inform more people, reaching to audiences that otherwise might not be reached. And I also believe that is why the flu forums are growing in community size. The pandenic flu forums are one  big community, and we all interlink with each other.

I’d like to invite you to stop by and have a look around. Let me know what you think of the place.

Until next time