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Dem, our esteemed moderator at the Fluwiki, commented: “their job is not to educate, but to inform, as they see it.” I believe that is just what the problem is.

The news programs on t.v. started out to bring news to the people of this country. Back then, the world was different and we didn’t have the situations and problems we have now. Our world and situations have grown and  become more complicated to live with. We as a society, have moved past the need for just having news brought to us. We have moved into an era that needs information, and education.

The media may see itself as only a news source, but the public sees the media as a source of news, and information, and we want to be informed on what action we should take in a situation that directly affects our lives. If the media is delivering news about a rice rationing, we the public have a right to be informed as to why there is a rice shortage.  Not once did I hear anything pertaining to why this rice rationing was in place, not that I thought for one minute we needed to do this. In my opinion, the media failed miserably in it’s job to inform.  It did what it does best: to create panic, and misinform.

Just where does the media’s responsibility to the citizens lay? Now I’m staying in the realm of situations that of great inportance to the citizens, not in your average daily news about the war, shark attactks, ect. You know, as I write this, the media has done a fantastic job at informing and educating the public concerning the morgage crisis. It is the first time I have been amaze at how the media can bring news, inform, and educate. So yes, it can be done folks. We know it can. It’s rare.  So for the media to think it’s not their job to inform, and educate, they themselves have proved that wrong! 

So, I ask the question: How do you want your media served? 


Do you want your media to report major situations, and