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As the fam went out for our weekly dose of hot fudge sundaes, I noticed that there seems to be alot more of two things around here: motorcycles, and  new gardens being started. On the way in we counted 6 garden sites just in the newly tilled stage, some quite large.  People are resorting to the way of life that we should be living: off the land.

A Surreal Day

The day seemed so surreal to me, as the warm sun beat down on my face, wind blowing in my hair, Thunder napping on my lap, the girls gigling in the backseat. I don’t know if I’ve been watching to many pandemic related movies, but I honestly felt as if I was in a dream, the calm before the storm. As we drove by the newly established gardens, I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps this will become the norm. It made me wonder what else we will see people “getting back to.” Will this economic recession that we are in(if they don’t want to say it, I will!) be a prelude to helping people prepare for a pandemic of H5N1 scale? One can only wonder how people are becoming more self reliant.

It’s Garden Time

Finally, it’s warming up and I have spent this week working on my “survival garden.” I had to replace the fence that is at least 10 years old, and really took a beating this winter. I thought as long as I was at it, I would enlarge the width a good 6 feet. I am so a glutten for punishment! The land had to be cleared first, and destumped. Halfway through it I was wishing I’d just settled for what I had! 

This year, I’m expanding to blueberries, more strawberries, grapevines, more herbs, and more potatos. The pumpkins and cantaloupe will have their own space, so they won’t take up precious space in the main garden. I’m growing two kinds of pumkins: for carving at Halloween, and the baby pams for cooking with. Here’s a little tip for vining plants: Break off the very tips of the vines and they will not grow any longer. When I have selected the desired number of pumpkins I want, I’ll break off the vine tips. I’ve done this many times with great success.  What ever else I can find, will go in.

I’m waiting on a load of “black gold” to be delivered. Soon the seeds and plants will go in. Then the fun will start! 😉

If you notice an increase in the newly established gardens around where you live, I’d be interested in hearing of it. I want to know if people are reverting back to the “garden days” of our parents. I’m keeping a look out to see what else people are doing to become more self sufficent. I’m so interested in this, that I want to take a poll around here to see just what people are doing to be self sufficent. If they are doing the gardening thing or not. This should be interesting.

Until next time,