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I recently watch the British pandemic movies 28 week, and the sequel, 28 days Later. First off, I do not know of a virus that infects the body within 60 seconds of contamination, and renders it’s victim a zombie.( or maybe that would be called a marguarita! ūüėČ

The two movies were very, very sobering, in that it dealt with exactly what the Dark Doctor has pretty much been saying. If one escapes becoming infected, one will be extremely lucky. The sequel showed community SIP, in that people found each other, and tried to survive. It really gave me a good look at how community SIP would function, especially at how one human can and would endanger the lives of those  trying to help him survive. Of all the cons I find with this type of SIP, that one scares me the most.

The sequel also dealt with recovery, the military establishing units of¬†people whom have been cleared of any diseases.¬†I don’t want to go to much into these movies, but there are stark realities in the sequel that if a pandemic happened in the near future, we would be living these same realities(except for the zombies of course!) All I saw in my mind’s eye was bleak, bleak.

Perhaps I’m starting to fall under the Dark¬†Doctor’s pesimistic reality, but I’m starting to see for the first time, just what he means. Although I really prefer to think that our home¬†alone SIP will save us, when you really strip away every thing, the bottom line is that sooner or later most of us will have to break SIP and find food and water. Most of us will not be able to stock enough¬†supplies for the duration, as he’s¬†stated many times before. I had not let my mind accept this before. I¬†now have to accept that my family will be the ones to break our SIP and leave, either to find food,¬†or if military intervention comes. ¬†¬†We will not be left on our own to ride out this demon from hell, and recover with all we started out with.

I’ve bucked the Dark Doctor’s warnings. I’ve thought he was crazy. But after watching something that really made me see what he’s been talking about, I’ve had to admit that he’s making perfect sense, and he’s laying it on the line for us to accept now. He’s not sugar coating it, and I think that’s what turns us off. We want some assurance, some hope that worse case senerio pandemic, we could ride it out. I was upset because he wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear; and I wasn’t willing to hear him, really hear what he was saying to us. There are many who still see his warning as far fetched. Let me ask yo this: how can you over dramatize a pandemic such as the one that H5N1 could cause? How can you sugar coat the CFR¬†that could be up to¬†85% when it does hit? We’re already at 80% CFR now.¬†I don’t think people are really thinking about that, what the CFR would be at the time of a pandemic hitting, at least with H5N1.

I knew there was a reason I watch these stupid movies, and I knew there was a reason I wasn’t too willing to listen to what the Doctor has to say. One was the reality, the other was to protect me.

Maybe¬†my tin foil hat is growing into my head, because I’m¬†realizing some things that¬†I hadn’t seen before, and it’s pretty damn scarey.¬†¬†With all our planning, and prepping, how are we going to survive?

I would recommend watching 28 weeks, and 28 days Later. The sequel is better( in my opinion). Really pay attention to the situations people find themselves in, and think about your family being there. Really think about what will be beyond your front door.

The Doctor has some material on the fluwiki that should be read:

Do you need a pandemic survival plan?


Is this¬†what delayed reaction feels like? Cottontop’s been panicing lately, and I wonder if there are others who are starting to feel a twinge of panic too.

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